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Suspension Bearing Kit

The SBK-1 is a professional level kit for installing and removing cartridge bearings in bicycle suspension pivots. A comprehensive set of 27 precision-machined hard-anodized guides enables compatibility with a wide range of bearing inner and outer diameters. Combined with our proven bearing press design, the SBK-1 quickly and easily pushes the old bearing out of the linkage, and reinstalls the new bearing precisely and squarely.

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SBK-1 Features

  • Includes extractor cups/drifts for the following ODs:
    • 16 mm
    • 17 mm
    • 19 mm
    • 20.6 mm
    • 21 mm
    • 22 mm
    • 22.3 mm
    • 24 mm
    • 26 mm
    • 28 mm
    • 28.6 mm
    • 30 mm
    • 32 mm
    • 35 mm
  • Includes extractor studs and pilots for bearings with the following IDs:
    • 8.5–9 mm
    • 10 mm
    • 12 mm
    • 12.7 mm
    • 15 mm
    • 17 mm
    • 20 mm
  • Magnetic back plate for easy configuration and assembly
  • Organized in a convenient storage case

NOTE: For bearing extraction, the SBK-1 requires a minimum of 3 mm of flat linkage structure outside the bearing to support the extractor cup/drift. For bearings without this flat structure, consider using the Park Tool SHX-1 Slide Hammer Bearing Extractor.


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SBK-1 Suspension Bearing Kit