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Item # GP-2C

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Pre-Glued Super Patch Kit

A flat tire can instantly take the air out of any ride. The GP-2 includes everything needed to repair a punctured inner tube without messy glue or adhesive. Our self-adhesive patches were engineered in collaboration with 3M®, and stretch, flex, twist, and turn right along with the tube, so you can continue on to your destination with confidence. Lightly roughen the tube with the included sandpaper, clean, apply patch directly to the puncture, and you’re ready to reinstall, reinflate and ride.

Includes six patches and one square of sandpaper in a space-efficient take-along box.

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GP-2C Features

  • Compatible with standard butyl rubber inner tubes
  • Not compatible with tubeless tire bodies or latex inner tubes
  • Box dimensions: 32 x 32 x 8 mm (1.25" x 1.25" x 0.3")
  • Box weight: 5 grams (0.18 ounces)
  • Patch dimensions: 24 x 24 mm (0.94" x 0.94")

Available as a countertop display box for retailers.



  • Cycling Weekly: Best Puncture Repair Kits 2023 The Park Tool Super Patch kit is really compact and comes in a neat plastic box, so it's easy to stash away. There are six patches included, along with a sandpaper square to pre-roughen your tyre.