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Item # 471XX

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Extra-Large Storage Hook — Wood Thread

Park Tool Bicycle Storage Hooks are perfect for hanging bikes and wheels up and out of the way in a garage, storage shed, or bike shop service area. Our super huge 471XX hooks are big and wide enough to accommodate the wide, tall wheel/tire combos found on fat bikes. The wood thread of the 471XX can be installed into ceiling joists, wall studs, or any piece of wood that can support the weight of a bicycle. Plated and vinyl dipped for long, scratch-free service.

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471XX Features

  • Wood screw threaded — shank measures 8.8 mm (~11/32")
  • Thread length: 50 mm (2")
  • Inside to inside: 125 mm (5")
  • Height inside J-bend: 185 mm (7.25")

NOTE: 471XX hooks have a 61 kg (135 lbs.) weight limit, provided the hook is securely screwed into a solid material. The user is responsible for making sure the material of the mounting location is capable of handling this amount of weight.