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Item # NFT-1

(discontinued) / Tools / Brakes / Cassette & Freewheel / Chain / Cleaning / Crank & Bottom Bracket / Derailleurs & Shifting / E-Bike / Frame & Fork / General Shop Tools / Headset / Hex & Torx® Compatible Tools / Hub & Axle / Lubricants & Compounds / Measurement / Multi-Tools / Pedal / Storage / Tool Kits / Torque Tools / Tube & Tire / Wheel & Spoke


The NFT-1 was a fake product created for April Fools' Day 2022.

A tool that will change your approach to bicycle maintenance, and likely the future of bicycle maintenance as we know it. A secure investment in your bike maintenance journey. Built to be the last tool you'll ever need — and the first one you reach for. A useful product that definitely has real-world utility, and not a weird scam.

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NFT-1 Features

  • Functional
  • Compatible
  • Ergonomic

NOTE: Purchase of the NFT-1 does not include a physical NFT-1. Your name will be added to a publicly-accessible list of NFT-1 holders, which immutably proves your ownership of an NFT-1 (in a certain sense, because, again, you will not be receiving an actual tool, but... you will... own an NFT-1). You see it's actually very simple—