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Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit Upgrade Set

The BK-UK includes six new and revised parts for the Park Tool BKD-1 and BKM-1 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kits, allowing for compatibility with the latest brake models from popular manufacturers.

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BK-UK Features


  • Part #2600A (x2): M4 x 0.7 adapter for use with SRAM® DB8, Trick Stuff®, and Campagnolo® mineral oil brake systems
  • Part #2588.2: Thin-walled hose compression sleeve for internal bleed nipples, such as those found on Shimano® mineral oil brake systems
  • Part #2574A: Hose assembly with integrated fitting for bleed nipples such as those found on Shimano® mineral oil brake systems
  • Part #2615-2 (x2): 11 mm bleed blocks for use with Hayes® DOT and SRAM® mineral brake systems

All parts also available individually.

NOTE: The seals on each part are designed for one type of fluid — DOT fluid or mineral oil — and should be used only on the systems they were intended for. DOT fluid and mineral oil should never be mixed in the brake system or in their respective service tools. Cross-contamination of brake fluid may cause seal failure which may result in brake failure.

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