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Item # HTS-1

(discontinued) / Tools / Frame & Fork

Head Tube Straightener

After a front-end collision, many bicycles will require the head tube of the frame to be straightened. They will no longer steer properly and the front wheel has reduced clearance at the down tube and the pedals. The Head Tube Straightener is designed to quickly correct the angle of the head tube. After the fork has been removed from the frame, the shaft of the HTS-1 is inserted through the head set races and secured with a set collar. The shaft has two different diameters and is made of high strength, Fatigue-proof steel. The turnbuckle is then connected to the shaft at a 90 degree angle and tightened against the bottom bracket. The turnbuckle is extended until the shaft and head tube are at the desired angle. Tremendous pressure is generated with this tool, and any frame can be straightened with little physical effort. The fork should be checked for damage prior to reassembly.

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