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Frame and Fork End Alignment Gauge Set

The FFG-1 has been discontinued and replaced by the FFG-2.

There are occasions, even on new bikes when the frame and fork drop-outs are not parallel, creating bent axles or skewers, poor tracking, and even problem shifting. The Park Tool Frame and Fork Alignment Gauge Set was designed to align the drop-outs easily without elaborate fixtures. They quickly show whether the drop-outs are parallel and produce plenty of leverage to straighten them. These Park Tool gauges adjust to compensate for various hub widths. A caliper is provided for checking this dimension. Note: Many bicycles cannot be properly repaired or adjusted because their frames and forks are no longer true.

With the high cost of new bicycles and replacement frames and forks, straightening can be a viable, cost-effective alternative. Many damaged bicycles can be safely straightened and repaired when the proper tools are used by skilled mechanics. When these tools are used to straighten and assure the alignment of a frame or fork, the repaired bicycle will be safer to ride. Caution! During any repair, safety should always come first. Customers should be advised prior to straightening that not all bicycles can be repaired. After alignment, all frames and forks should be carefully inspected for cracks or kinked tubes. A customer should be advised when certain conditions render a bicycle unsafe to ride. NOTE: Some frames and forks may not be alignable. Consult the frame manufacturer if in doubt.

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