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Emergency Tire Boots

A torn tire body doesn't have to mean the end of a bike ride. The TB-2 Tire Boot is constructed from a strong, waterproof vinyl membrane with fiber weave reinforcement. A super-strong pressure-sensitive adhesive assures the boot stays in place in any bicycle tire that utilizes an inner tube, whether road or mountain, high or low pressure. Application is as easy as wiping the area clean, removing the backing, and squarely applying the tire boot to the affected area. A true ride saver.

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TB-2 Features

  • Pack of three
  • Dimensions: 76.2 x 44.4 mm (3" x 1.75")
  • Not intended for tubeless tire systems

NOTE: The TB-2 Tire Boot should be considered a temporary fix. Always replace damaged tires as soon as possible.



  • Cycling Weekly: Best Puncture Repair Kits 2023 The Park Tool TB-2 are quite large at 45mm x 75mm but I cut one down to roughly 45mm x 30mm to fit it into a 25c tyre. It stuck well (after thoroughly preparing the tyre) and it held well throughout the test.