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Item # BBT-79

(discontinued) / Tools / Crank & Bottom Bracket

Bottom Bracket Tool — 12-Notch 46mm OD

The BBT-79 has been discontinued and replaced by the BBT-79.3.

Precision CNC machined aluminum tool for the installation and removal of 12-notch external bearing bottom brackets. Anodized for easy identification and featuring a ratchet/torque wrench compatible 3/8" drive.

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BBT-79 Features

  • 12 notch 46mm OD cup
  • Fits SRAM® DUB™, Race Face® Cinch™, Rotor® BSA30, Zipp® Vuma™, Hawk Racing™ BB3086™, and more
  • The 12 splines on the BBT-79 tool are evenly spaced to fit every other notch on the 24 notch SRAM® DUB™ cups.

Product Fitment

Below is a filterable table of bottom bracket models the BBT-79 is compatible with. For a full list of tool compatibility, see our Bottom Bracket Tool Finder.

Cane Creek® Threaded & Thread-Together All Models
CeramicSpeed® Thread-Together BB30 DUB®
CeramicSpeed® Threaded BSA Threaded DUB® and 30mm
CeramicSpeed® Threaded Italian Threaded DUB® and 30mm
CeramicSpeed® Threaded T47/68 DUB® and 30mm
Easton® Threaded Cinch®
Enduro® Threaded BSA Threaded 30mm
Enduro® Threaded BSA Threaded DUB®
Enduro® Threaded Italian Threaded DUB®
Hawk Racing™ Threaded BSA DUB®
Hawk Racing™ Threaded BSA30
Kogel™ Threaded BSA DUB®
Kogel™ Threaded BSA30
Race Face® Threaded BSA 30mm
Rotor® Threaded BSA30
Rotor® Threaded T47 External 30mm
Rotor® Thread-Together UBB 4630 BBright™ (drive side)
SRAM® Threaded BSA and Italian Threaded DUB®
Token® Thread-Together BB29BSA
Token® Thread-Together BB42A29
Token® Thread-Together BB46A29
Token® Thread-Together BB4229
Token® Thread-Together BB4629
White Industries™ Threaded BBE29BSA
White Industries™ Thread-Together BBE29PF30
White Industries™ Threaded BBE29T47
White Industries™ Threaded BBE30BSA
White Industries™ Thread-Together BBE30PF30
White Industries™ Threaded BBE30T47
Zipp® Threaded VumaQuad™
BBT-79 Bottom Bracket Tool