The Park Tool 690-XL 57 mm Oversized Facer, click to enlarge

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57 mm Oversized Facer

The 690-XL is a facing cutter designed to be used in conjunction with the HTR-1, HTR-1B, BFS-1, or BTS-1 to face head tubes and press fit bottom bracket shells.

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690-XL Features

Faces the following bottom bracket standards:

  • BB30
  • BB86/92
  • PF24
  • PF30
  • PF41
  • PF42
  • PF46
  • BBright™ Direct Fit
  • BBright™ Press Fit
  • 386EVO

Faces the following headset standards:

  • 1 1/8" internal cup
  • 1.5" internal cup
  • 1.5" external cup
  • 1 1/8" integrated
  • 1 1/4" integrated
  • 1.5" integrated

SHIS terminology: The 690-XL will face ZS41, ZS44, ZS49, EC44, EC49 and IS52 frames.

The 690-XL will also face smaller bottom bracket and headset standards assuming there are no frame clearance issues

NOTE: Always use cutting fluid such as Park Tool CF-2 when machining.

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