The Park Tool AWS-7 3-Way Hex and Torx Compatible Wrench, click to enlarge
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3-Way Hex and Torx® Compatible Wrench

Park Tool introduced the bicycle world to the three-way hex wrench over 40 years ago. Our Y-shaped wrenches fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and provide excellent leverage, making them a favorite of mechanics in bike shops worldwide. The ergonomically-shaped tool body features a glass fiber reinforced polymer center. Each wrench is made from heat-treated industrial tool steel for long life, with chamfered tips for a perfect fit.

The AWS-7 features three of the most common fittings found on modern bicycles, allowing adjustment of brakes, handlebars, stems, and more.

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AWS-7 Features

  • Features 4 mm and 5 mm hex wrenches and a T25 Torx®-compatible driver


AWS-7 3-Way Hex and Torx®-Compatible Wrench