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As you might imagine, Park Tool receives an overwhelming number of requests for sponsorship, support, and promotional consideration each year. As a result, we tend to be extremely selective in the opportunities we choose to pursue. Above all, we want to work with people who are invested in cycling and will be good stewards of the Park Tool brand. We take the following factors into account when evaluating potential partnership opportunities:

  • Size and prominence of organization or individual
  • Size and demographic of social media presence and reach
  • Scope of request

Individuals and organizations located outside the United States are encouraged to first reach out to our distribution partners located in your country, as found on our Worldwide Distributor List.

Athletes/Teams: We generally limit our consideration to established teams and riders with competitive results in their discipline.

Content Creators: We will consider working with established and up-and-coming creators with a sizable social media following, high production values, and an engaged audience.

Events (e.g. Races/Rides/Trail Openings): As a general rule, we do not sponsor local events. Exceptions would need to demonstrate large reach and/or impact and have registered attendance of over 500 participants for consideration.

Organizations: Registered non-profits and community organizations are encouraged to submit applications to our Community Tool Grant, which occurs around the New Year and awards grants to ten recipients, each of whom receive over $1800 in Park Tool products to help expand and improve their respective programs.

Online Presence

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What sets your organization / team apart from the rest?

What sort of sponsorship are you looking for?

If product sponsorship, which products are you interested in?

What will Park Tool receive from sponsoring you?

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