Shop Rag Issue 6 — How to Use the DT-5.2

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This fall we introduced an update to our disc brake mount facing system, the DT-5.2. The system has been upgraded to make it fully fat bike and Boost compatible, including a new set of telescoping axles that allow the DT-5.2 to be used on bikes with axle widths anywhere from 100mm to over 160mm in the front and from 135 to over 210mm in the rear. It works with open dropout and 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm thru axle forks, as well as open and 12mm thru axle rear ends. It also now includes studs that allow it to face the new Flat Mount disc brake standard. Like the DT-5 before it, it can be used to face IS mount and Post Mount brakes, even in the tough to access chainstay location. For an in-depth look at how the tool works, check out the product and instruction video above.

Updated Wheel Tension App

The Park Tool Wheel Tension App has been reworked to be faster and easier to use. Check out the instructions and get started!

2015 Gift Guide

Watch the Holiday Gift Guide video below to find the perfect gift for the wrench in your life.

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