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PFP-4 and PFP-2 Service

This article will discuss the service of the PFP-4 and PFP-2 Professional Floor Pump (both discontinued).

CBP-3 Puller Repair

This article will review the replacement of the pulling caliper finger part #1193-2 on the CBP-3. Bearings and cranks that are seized in place may exceed the strength of the caliper and this may cause the caliper to fail.

1951-15 Adapter Stud Installation for PRS-15

This article demonstrates how to disassemble your PRS-15 repair stand to replace the original 100-15X clamp with the 100-25D micro-adjust clamp using the 1951-15 adapter stud.

Guide to Replacement Clamp Jaw Covers

This article will review the replacement jaw covers available for Park Tool repair stands. There are several jaw covers available depending upon the model and generation of your stand. It is best to inspect your clamp and then compare it to the jaw covers here. All jaw covers come as a complete pair with fasteners if applicable.

CN-10 Cable Cutter Adjustment Video

This article will discuss the adjustment of the CN-10, in the event that it is not cutting properly or there is play in the handles.

DC-1 Digital Caliper Use

This article will discuss the use of the Park Tool Digital Caliper DC-1. The DC-1 will measure outside diameter, inside diameter, and depth. The caliper uses a digital read-out that will turn on when the jaws are opened.

PCS-10 Assembly

This article will discuss the assembly and use of the PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand.

100-4X, 100-15X & 100-6X, and PRS-15 Service

This article will discuss the service of the 100-4X and 100-15X Extreme Range Clamps. The 100-4X fits into the PRS-2, PRS-3 and PRS-4 Repair Stands. The 100-15X clamp is used on the PRS-15 repair stand. The common service of these clamps it to lubricate the moving parts. Instructions here are written assuming the clamp is positioned so the jaws are horizontal to the ground.

PFP-5 Floor Pump Service

This article will discuss the service of the PFP-5 Home Mechanic Floor Pump (discontinued)

Generational Changes in Repair Stands

This article will discuss the running changes made to older Park Tool repair stands over the course of their existence, for the purpose of obtaining support and replacement parts. Find parts diagrams for these and virtually all other repair stands we have produced in the product documentation library.

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