CN-10 Cable Cutter Adjustment

This article will discuss the adjustment of the CN-10. There have been several generations of the CN-10, and the concepts below apply to all.



The Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter

Cable cutters rely upon correct adjustment to keep the cutting blades operating properly. If the tool is not cutting correctly it may need adjustment. The handle that is adjacent to the screw head is not threaded. The handle that is adjacent to the locknut is threaded. Adjustments are made from screw head side after loosening locknut.

  1. Grab handles and test for play by moving them against axis of bolt. If there is knocking or play, tool should be adjusted.
  1. Loosen the locknut counter-clockwise.
  1. Turn screw slightly clockwise. Adjust in small increments of 1/16th of a turn.
  1. Secure locknut and test for play as in step 1. Test for play only after securing locknut.

Repeat 3 and 4 as necessary until play is gone. Make adjustments in small increments. NOTE: A small amount of drag in the blades is acceptable.

Test cutter on cable and housing.


With much use, any cutter edge will begin to wear and not be as effective. When this occurs it is necessary to replace the cutters.

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