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Wheel Holder

No more need to hold wheels between your knees, brace them against the bench, or ask for help. The WH-1 Bicycle Wheel Holder firmly holds thru axle, quick-release, and solid axle bike wheels at three convenient positions for quick and easy access to the entire wheel. It’s like having an extra pair of hands to hold the wheel so you can focus on a wide variety of wheel-related tasks including tubeless setup, tire and tube replacement, hub adjustment, cassette work, and more.

The WH-1 can be permanently bolted down, clamped directly to a bench, or installed in a bench vise. E-Nickel-plated steel construction for a lifetime of use.

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WH-1 Features

  • Accepts 12, 15, and 20 mm thru axles, standard quick-release skewers, and solid axles with nuts
  • Holds wheel at vertical, 35 degrees from vertical, and horizontal positions
  • Mounting holes are 0.4" (10.2") in diameter
  • Center-to-center spacing of mounting holes: 3" (76 mm) left-to-right and 1.81" (46 mm) front-to-back


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WH-1 Wheel Holder