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Truing Stand Tilting Base for TS-4.2

The TSB-4.2 securely installs onto the TS-4.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand and provides a wide, sturdy base that can be moved around or mounted to a workbench. The base allows the truing stand to tilt 20 degrees from front to back for comfortable wheel work and sight lines at any bench height. Features specially-shaped slots to hold spoke wrenches as well as parts trays for spoke nipples and other small components. Constructed from a durable composite material.

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TSB-4.2 Features

  • Compatible with TS-4.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand — for TS-4 stands, see the TSB-4
  • The footprint of the TSB-4.2 is approximately 416 x 324 mm (16.375" x 12.75") with TS-4.2 installed.


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TSB-4.2 Truing Stand Base for TS-4.2