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Ratcheting Click-Type Torque Wrench — 10 to 60 Nm

With the increasing number of lightweight components and torque specifications found on bicycles, a good torque wrench is a necessity for every mechanic. The TW-6.2 is a high quality ratcheting click-type torque wrench that accurately measures and applies the proper amount of torque to threaded fasteners. The TW-6.2 is designed for higher torque settings that can be found on components such as bottom brackets, cassette lockrings, and crank bolts. Features a 3/8" drive for compatibility with all Park Tool sockets, bits, and crow feet. Comes in its own protective case.

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TW-6.2 Features

  • Torque range: 10 to 60 Newton meters (88 to 530 inch-pounds)
  • Adjustable in 0.25 Nm increments
  • Ratcheting 3/8" drive
  • Reads and registers torque values for both left hand and right hand threading
  • Calibrated to be accurate to +/- 4%
  • Length: 362 mm (14.25")
  • One-year warranty — see Park Tool Limited Warranty

NOTE: Torque wrenches are measuring instruments and are not intended for use as a general-purpose ratcheting driver. Do not exceed 60 Nm when using the TW-6.2.

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TW-6.2 Ratcheting Click-Type Torque Wrench



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