Park Tool TS-4.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand holding a fat bike wheel, click to enlarge
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Professional Wheel Truing Stand

The TS-4.2 builds on our 40+ years of experience making truing stands for professional mechanics and adds a broader range of compatibility as well as several additional features for the most all-around useful truing stand we've made so far.


We took our classic truing stand design and made it bigger in every way — taller uprights, a wide base, and oversized caliper fingers. The result is a stand capable of accepting virtually any wheel and tire combination found on a bicycle — from fat tires to aero rims, from kid's bikes to 29ers. Upright adjustment is controlled with an ergonomically-designed speed knob, which quickly adjusts the stand to accommodate any hub width in seconds. The sturdy uprights of the TS-4.2 feature integrated thru-axle adapters for compatibility with thru-axle, quick release, and solid axle hubs without the use of additional parts or adapters. The oversized caliper fingers easily clear virtually any tire (including fat bikes), eliminating the need to remove the tire for truing, which is especially handy for tubeless setups.


The TS-4.2 is constructed from durable nickel chrome-plated and powder coated heavy-gauge steel and is manufactured, assembled and calibrated in St. Paul, Minnesota. Strong, comfortable knobs and spring-loaded calipers and caliper arm ensure smooth, consistent operation, and the removable composite caliper tips protect painted rims and fragile materials. 100% adjustable and rebuildable for a lifetime of use.

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TS-4.2 Features

Wheel Capacity

  • Maximum wheel size: Up to 29"+ with or without tire
  • Hub width: 75 to 250 mm (2.95–9.8")
  • Maximum rim width: 127 mm (5")
  • Maximum tire width: 152 mm (6")
  • Hub compatibility: Accommodates thru axle, quick release and solid axle hubs

Mounting Options

  • Bolt to benchtop — mounting slots are 9.5 mm (3/8") deep and approximately 311 mm (12.25") from center to center
  • Clamp in vise — base is 102 mm (4") deep
  • Install in TSB-4.2 Truing Stand Base

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TS-4.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand