Park Tool HCW-17 Fixed-Gear Lockring Wrench, click to enlarge
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Item # HCW-17

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Fixed-Gear Lockring Wrench

The Park Tool HCW-17 removes and installs externally-notched lockrings, which are found on fixed-gear rear cogs, single speed cassette hubs, adjustable cup-and-cone bottom brackets, and some mid-drive e-bike motor lockrings including Batang BBSH & BBS02. The HCW-17 features two hooks with different radii for a precise fit on a wide range of lockrings. Constructed from spring steel and nickel plated for a lifetime of use.

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HCW-17 Features


  • Fixed-gear lockrings with an outside diameter of 41 to 44 mm
  • Single speed cassette hubs with externally-notched lockrings
  • Adjustable cup-and-cone bottom brackets
  • Four-notch Bafang® BBSH, BBS02 mid-drive motor lockrings
  • Length: 295 mm (11.6")