The Park Tool PRS-3 Deluxe Single Arm Repair Stand, click to enlarge

Item # PRS-3

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Deluxe Single Arm Repair Stand

The PRS-3 has been discontinued and replaced by the PRS-3 OS-1 and PRS-3 OS-2.

This stand is one-half of the Park Tool Deluxe Double Arm Repair Stand, and incorporates most of the same features in a stand suitable for smaller areas. The clamp rotates 360 degrees and is adjustable for virtually any size frame tubing up to 1 3/8". Clamp height is adjustable from 50" to 62" (127-158cm). The solid steel base weighs 68 lbs., creating a very stable stand. Work Tray #105 is included. The PRS-3OS is heavily chrome plated and is also available without the base. Uses 100-3C clamp. For mounting directly to the floor, use Part #FP-2, Floor Mounting Plate.

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