The Park Tool FR-5.2GT Cassette Lockring Tool with 12mm Guide Pin, click to enlarge
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Item # FR-5.2GT

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Cassette Lockring Tool with 12mm Guide Pin

A version of our dependable FR-5.2 with an added 12mm guide pin for added stability when removing lockrings from thru axle hubs. Designed for 12 spline 23.4mm diameter tool fittings - the most common tool fitting found on 7-12 speed cassette lockrings, and can also be found on some disc brake lockrings. Made from heat treated alloy tool steel.

Cassette removal also requires use of chain whip

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FR-5.2GT Features

  • Fits 12-spline cassette lockrings from Shimano®, SRAM® (including 1x), SunRace®, SunTour®, Chris King® and others
  • Fits most disc brake lockrings with 12 internal splines from Shimano® and other brands
  • Hex-shaped base of tool fits 1" (25.4 mm) socket or wrench
  • 12mm guide pin stabilizes the tool when used with 12mm thru axle hubs

NOTE: To determine your cassette / freewheel type and the appropriate tool for it, please see Determining Cassette / Freewheel Type.

The FR-5.2GT features the same tool pattern as the FR-5GT, with deeper splines for a greater range of compatibility – any component that is compatible with the FR-5GT is compatible with the FR-5.2GT.

FR 5.2GT Cassette Lockring Tool with 12mm Guide Pin