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Item # OM-2

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Benchtop Overhaul Mat

The OM-2 was created to tackle the organizational challenges of performing complex, drawn-out repairs or service procedures on a workbench. With a large footprint and raised areas for organizing small parts, you can spread out your work and clearly see everything at once. The textured work area features a hexagonal pattern and raised edges, so small parts like bearings and nuts stay where they land. Perfect for overhauling or rebuilding components such as forks, shocks, hubs, suspension linkages, derailleurs, etc.

Tear/abrasion/shock-resistant TPR construction with interlocking edges, allowing multiple mats to be joined together. Made in Park Tool Blue for added contrast and good looks.

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OM-2 Features

  • Measures 390 mm x 625 mm (15" x 24.5")
OM-2 Benchtop Overhaul Mat