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Base Master Tool Kit

The BMK-243 has been discontinued and replaced by the BMK-254.

This is it! The tool set… to end all tool sets. Pretty much anything and everything we could think of is included in this collection. Designed for the professional, full-service mechanic, the BMK-243 is a complete set of professional level tools, fixtures, lubricants, gauges, and accessories. The perfect way to start a repair business, open or expand a bike shop, or create the ultimate home workshop. Over 243 shop quality tools from the only company in the world capable of such a feat. Tool envy — it's a beautiful thing!

The BMK-243 includes everything in the MK-257 except major frame and fork cutting tools and accessories.

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BMK-243 Features

Shipping weight and dimensions:

Box: Size: Weight:
#1 43"x14"x7" 54 lbs.
#2 22"x14"x18" 55 lbs.
#3 22"x14"x18" 51 lbs.
#4 22"x21"x8" 15 lbs.