Shop Rag Issue 26 — New Tools, 60th Anniversary, & More

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Welcome to another edition of the Shop Rag, your source for all things Park Tool. Starting things off is the latest episode of the New in Blue Show, a video overview of what we’ve been up to lately:

New Tools

Since our last issue, we’ve released six new and updated products:

  • BCB-5 Professional Bike Cleaning Brush Set: A professional-grade set with five purpose-built cleaning tools, including 3 brushes made from tampico, an extremely durable natural fiber derived from the agave plant.
  • MG-3 Nitrile Mechanic’s Gloves: Following a long period of Covid-induced absence, gloves are back in our product lineup. Made from heavy-duty nitrile, our gloves keep hands clean and are tough enough to withstand a day’s work.
  • IR-1.3 Internal Cable Routing Kit: This update to our esteemed Internal Cable Routing Kit includes a new guide cable for the newer Shimano Di2 EW-SD300 wire ends, as well as a double-threaded barb for routing new housing using existing housing.
  • BKD-1.2 & BKM-1.2 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kits: Updates to our hydraulic bleed kits, featuring upgraded hoses, two syringe holders, and new bleed blocks and fittings for the latest hydraulic systems.
  • EP-1 End Cap Crimping Pliers: A pliers... for crimping end caps! Its short tapered jaws with dual crimping positions make it ideal for crimping in tight, inaccessible spaces such as dropper posts or front derailleurs.

These products are available now from your preferred bicycle-specific retailer.

Park Tool Turns 60

Hazel Park Schwinn

It has officially been 60 years since Howard Hawkins and Art Engstrom began selling the PRS-1 from the back of Hazel Park Cycle Center in 1963. We are proud to have been making quality tools for over six decades, and we are excited for what the future holds for Park Tool.

We’ve highlighted parts of our history in many places over the years, including in our New in Blue video series, and we’ve recently updated our About Us page with a fresh retelling of our origin story.

We’ve also rolled out some commemorative merch, including an attractive 3/4 sleeve tee and a travel mug featuring logos and imagery from our entire 60-year history and beyond. Find it in the Park Tool Gear section of

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Shop Rag 26 Gee Milner

Ambassador Spotlight: Gee Milner

Park Tool is proud to partner with a select group of athletes and content creators, providing them with the best in bicycle maintenance equipment.

One of our ambassadors is Gee Milner, a UK-based videographer who has made a name for himself with his “Dream Builds” video series. In each installment, Gee films a professional mechanic methodically and mindfully building up a bike, from prepping the frame to applying the finishing touches. Recently, Milner has ventured outside his cozy workshop to film bike builds in beautiful and remote locations, resulting in some really unique content.

Gee Milner on YouTube | Instagram

Community Tool Grant Winners

2023 CTG winner collage 16x9

In case you missed it: at the beginning of 2023, for the eighth year in a row, we awarded tools and equipment to ten organizations and nonprofits that use bicycles to make a difference in their community. You can read more about this year’s winners here.