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Rear Derailleur Adjustment Video

The article will discuss adjustment of rear derailleur limit screws and indexing.

Front Derailleur Adjustment Video

This article will discuss the basic adjustment of the front derailleur. This article assumes the derailleur is compatible with the shifting system and is not extremely worn out.

Rear Derailleur Removal and Installation Video

How to remove the rear derailleur from its hanger for service, replacement, or hanger alignment.

Derailleur Hanger Thread Repair Video

An exploration of potential options for repairing damaged threading on derailleur hangers.

Derailleur Hanger Replacement Video

How to remove and install the rear derailleur hanger on frames that feature replaceable hangers.

Shift Cable Installation: Drop Bars Video

Shift cables can with time and use become worn, frayed, rusty or dirty, causing drag and resistance as it moves through the housing. This article will outline the process of installing and routing new shift cable into drop bar systems.

How to Size and Install Shift Cable Housing Video

Properly sized and routed shift cable housing can make a huge difference in your bike's performance. This article will outline the process of sizing and cutting cable housing for derailleur systems.

SRAM® AXS® Shifter Pairing

This article reviews how to connect or "pair" SRAM® AXS® wireless shifters.

FSA® K-Force® WE® Shifter Pairing

This article reviews how to connect or "pair" FSA® K-Force® WE® wireless shifters.

How A Rear Derailleur Works Video

In order to service and fine-tune the rear derailleur, we must first understand how it works. This article helps give a basic understanding of how rear derailleurs work to aid you as you work on servicing your own rear derailleur.

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