The Park Tool 50th Anniversary Party

Left: Empty Park Tool Warehouse Right: Same spot in warehouse but full of people at a party The warehouse floor before and during the party

Park Tool recently invited 300 of our closest friends to join in the celebration of our 50th anniversary. The party, which was held in our factory, also served as the official grand opening of our brand new headquarters.

Business partners from 22 countries and industry leaders came together to eat and drink and bask (literally) in blue bliss. Speakers for the occasion included:

  • Park Tool Founders — Howard Hawkins and Art Engstrom
  • Editor of Bicycling Magazine — Peter Flax
  • Founder of Quality Bicycle Products — Steve Flagg
  • Owner of German distributor Grofa — Christophe Goebel
  • Partner of the Gluskin Townley Group — Jay Townley, who started his career in the bicycle business at the bike shop that became Park Tool, Hazel Park Bike & Skate

The event was also used to premiere the new video documenting the Park Tool story, so far. You can see the video below.

The company made extensive use of fabric and blue light to transform the factory into a party venue. The gourmet food, open bar and live (blues) band made for a fun event that can launch Park Tool into the second half of our first century.

Stage with interments with large Park Tool logo behind and Jay Townley at microphone

Jay Townley

Group cutting ribbon for new Park Tool building

Ribbon cutting