Every town. Any fix.

Park Tool is the most respected — and trusted — brand of bicycle tools across the globe. But to understand the true impact, you need to go back to where we started: the local bike shop. The shops are unique, but the stories are universal. It’s all about being a part of the local culture by being a part of the fix. Let’s take a look at two shops that are impacting their local scene and culture for the better and challenge our fans to make an impact of their own.

NC Velo

NC Velo understands what it takes to ensure their customers leave the store satisfied. NC Velo doesn’t just provide a business transaction, they understand they are part of a community of cyclists that share a true passion for the sport. NC Velo believes that at the heart of every good bike shop is a thriving service department, where mechanics are valued for their knowledge, personality and dedication to their craft. See our video on the crew at NC Velo!

Piney Mountain Bike Lounge

Started by a couple looking for something different, Piney Mountain Bike Lounge has become more than just a bike shop, but a gathering place for the local community. The welcoming attitude of everyone in the shop has attracted cyclists and non-cyclists alike. They even brought some of their non-cycling customers into the two-wheeled fold. The inclusive atmosphere is pervasive in the shop and it goes to show that a bike shop can do as much for the owners as it does for the community it serves. Check out our video on Piney Mountain and see if you agree.