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2 posts found in May, 2011.

  • 2011 Cycle Speedway World Championships

    Cycle Speedway is a type of bicycle racing that is not well known in the USA. It is an international sport, but Speedway's creation was in the United Kingdom. It consists of relatively short anaerobic races at outdoor facilities built for the purpose. The cinder track is absolutely flat and short, between 70–90 meters, and events are usually four laps long.

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  • To Fixie, or Not to Fixie... Why Not Some of Each With the SRAM® Torpedo® Hub?

    The article will review the service and installation of the SRAM® Torpedo® fix & free rear hub. Torpedo® branded hubs have a long history of coaster brake hub systems. SRAM® offers an interesting option in the Torpedo® fix & free hub. This hub allows freewheeling as any one-speed freewheel bike, but can then be adjusted without removing the wheel from the bike to a fixed gear option. The fixed-freewheel adjusting screw drives into the hub and displaces a carriage that frees a second set of internal locking pawls. This second set of pawls locks the rear cog from turning either direction.

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