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  • Shop Rag Issue 7 — Introducing the MW-1

    Park Tool is proud to announce a new Mobile Workshop Event Trailer (MW-1) will make it’s debut at this year’s Sea Otter Classic, April 14-17, 2016 in Monterey, CA.

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  • Shop Rag Issue 6 — How to Use the DT-5.2

    This fall we introduced an update to our disc brake mount facing system, the DT-5.2. The system has been upgraded to make it more versatile than ever. For an in-depth look at how the tool works, check out the product and instruction video here.

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  • Shop Rag Issue 5 — 28 New Tools for 2016

    We've been busy again this year. At Eurobike and Interbike we featured 28 new products designed to make your bicycle work faster and easier. From a fresh take on multi-tools to some new, problem-solving shop tools, this year's lineup is more proof of our commitment to building the best, most comprehensive tool line in the industry. Take a video tour of the new products with Park Tool Engineer Max and Chief Mechanic Eric Hawkins.

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  • Shop Rag Issue 4 — Aluminum to Zinc

    Material selection is one of the most important decisions in the creation of a new tool. The number of materials seen in the bike industry is a testament to the adoption of various materials and the exploitation of their unique properties for specific purposes. Just like a frame could be made of carbon, aluminum, steel or titanium (or even bamboo!) depending on its brand and performance requirements, so too can tools be made of different materials depending on their intended use. The primary materials we use are steel, aluminum and plastic composites, and making the right decision on material is critical to making the best tools available.

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  • Shop Rag Issue 3 — How We Keep Blue Tools in Your Tool Box

    Each and every one of our tools has a story to tell long before it reaches your workbench. All of our tools have gone through many changes and a lot of “what if we did it this way” conversations. When we are finally happy with what the final product will be, then, and only then, will it get its PTA-1 (Park Tool Acronym-1).

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  • Shop Rag Issue 2 — Disc Brake Technology Hits the Road

    Disc brake systems are well established in the bike world. Mountain bikes, hybrids, ebikes, and cyclo-cross bikes all come with this proven technology. So is it a surprise these are now coming to road bikes? No, it’s not a surprise, but the inclusion of the road category to the disc brake family brings with it other supportive requirements to make it all work well.

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  • Shop Rag Issue 1 — Bridging the Gap to a New Tool

    Let’s imagine that bike company XYZ has come out with a cool new component that requires a new tool. How does that new bike component give birth to a new, blue tool?

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