PFP-2 Pump Recall

Park Tool Company has discovered a defect in a small percentage of PFP-2 Professional Floor Pumps.


Recall Info

Under certain conditions, the check valve on the PFP-2 could fail. If this occurs, the pump’s handle could quickly rise upward without warning, potentially causing injury to the user.

In order to assure that all PFP-2 owners have a safe and reliable pump, Park Tool is voluntarily recalling all PFP-2s manufactured prior to August 2003. PFP-2s included in this recall can be identified by looking at the pressure indicator ring. Pumps included in the recall have a black pressure indicator ring (see figure 1). Pumps not included have a blue pressure indicator ring (see figure 2).

If you have one of the affected PFP-2 pumps:

  1. Immediately stop using your PFP-2 Floor Pump.
  2. Contact Park Tool. Customer service representatives can be reached by email at:, or by phone, 1.651.777.6868.

Please note that no other model (PFP-3, PFP-4, PFP-5, PFP-6) is in anyway affected by this recall.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your attention to this important matter.

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