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Travel Agent™ Installation and Adjustment

This article will review the installation and adjustment of the Travel Agent™ brake cable system.

Disc Brake Pad Removal & Installation Video

This article will discuss brake pad replacement on bicycle disc brake systems for both mechanical and hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Alignment Video

A rubbing disc brake is a common problem, and even the slightest rub which might not really be slowing you down can still be annoying. This is hydraulic disc brake alignment, and regardless of the brand or model this article will help you get rid of that pesky rub.

Avid® Mechanical Disc Adjustment

This article will discuss the service and adjustment of the Avid® mechanical brake systems. For information on the disc rotor mounting, see Disc Brake Rotor Removal & Installation.

Wheel Removal and Installation Video

This article will discuss the removal and installation of front and rear wheels on a bicycle.

Disc Brake Rotor Truing Video

This article will outline the diagnosis and repair of a bent or warped rotor, both when using common hand tools and using a rotor truing gauge such as the Park Tool DT-3.

New Bike Assembly

This article is a list of recommended procedures necessary for the assembly of a new bike from a bare frame to a completed bike.

What Tools Do I Need? Video

This is a support article for the Tech Tuesday video "What Tools Do I Need?" The worksheet below can be downloaded and printed as a guide to help you understand and determine the tools you may want to service your bike.

Rim Brake Identification Video

This article will assist in identifying common rim brake systems and direct the reader to the article that outlines the full process of mounting and adjustment.

Brake Housing & Cable Installation: Drop Bars Video

This article will review housing and cable installation for drop bar brake levers.

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