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Bottom Bracket Standards and Terminology

Over the years, the bicycle industry has created numerous bottom bracket standards. Unfortunately, the industry has not been clear and consistent when creating terms and names for them, sometimes creating several names for the same bottom bracket standard. This article will review the many bottom bracket standards on bicycles.

Rear Derailleur Adjustment Video

The article will discuss adjustment of rear derailleur limit screws and indexing.

Front Derailleur Adjustment Video

This article will discuss the basic adjustment of the front derailleur. This article assumes the derailleur is compatible with the shifting system and is not extremely worn out.

Bottom Bracket Identification Video

This article will assist with bottom bracket standard identification. This will be needed when you begin servicing or repairing the bottom bracket.

Bottom Bracket Removal & Installation: Press Fit Video

The bottom bracket is the interface between the frame and the cranks. With use, the bearing will require service and replacement. This article will review how to remove and install press fit bottom brackets, including: PF41 (BB86, BB92), PF42 (BB30, OSBB), PF46 (PF30), and Trek® BB90 & BB95.

Bottom Bracket Service: Adjustable Cup-and-Cone Video

This article will discuss how to service adjustable cup-and-cone style bottom bracket bearings.

Bottom Bracket Removal & Installation: Thread-Together Video

A review of how to remove and install a thread-together bottom bracket, also referred to as thread-thru bottom brackets.

Bottom Bracket Removal & Installation: Threaded Video

This article will discuss how to remove and install bottom brackets used in threaded shells, including three-piece cranks, threaded "thru-spindle" external bearing cups, and bottom brackets used in T47 shells. Adjustable cup-and-cone threaded bottom brackets are reviewed in Bottom Bracket Service: Adjustable Cup-and-Cone.

Crank & Bottom Bracket Removal & Installation: Campagnolo® Ultra-Torque® Video

This article will review how to remove and install bottom brackets for Campagnolo® and Fulcrum® Ultra-Torque® cranksets. The service requires the use of the CBP-8 Campagnolo® Crank and Bearing Tool Set.

Bottom Bracket Adjustment Using Preload Ring Video

This article will discuss how to adjust bottom bracket bearing preload on systems using preload rings.

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