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Wheel and Rim Truing

This article will discuss the truing of the common spoked bicycle wheel.

Tubeless Tire Removal and Installation Video

This article will discuss removal and installation of tubeless tires.

Guide to Replacement Clamp Covers

This article will review replacement jaw clamp covers. There are several clamp covers available depending upon the model and generation of your stand. It is best to inspect your clamp and then compare to the clamp covers here. All jaw covers come as a pair. Jaw covers are listed here in reverse numerical order.

Crown Race Removal with the CRP-1 Crown Race Puller

This article with discuss the use of the CRP-1 Crown Race Puller. This tool has been replaced by the CRP-2.

Packing the Bike

This article will discuss the procedure for packing and boxing a bicycle for shipment. This often means taking apart various parts of the bicycle. Although disassembly is an inconvenience for reassembly, it makes for a well-protected bicycle during transport. The safe transport of the bike relies heavily upon the effort put into packing.

Tubeless Tire Conversion Video

This article will cover the process of converting a non-tubeless wheel to a tubeless system, including sealing the rim strip, installing the valve stem, and troubleshooting the installation of the tire.

CN-10 Cable Cutter Adjustment

This article will discuss the adjustment of the CN-10. There have been several generations of the CN-10, and the concepts below apply to all.

Bicycle Mechanic Language Spreadsheet

This article links to a comprehensive spreadsheet of terms commonly used by bicycle mechanics, in order to help the traveling bicycle mechanic communicate more effectively.

Wheel Tension Measurement

This article with discuss the use of the TM-1 Spoke Tension Meter.

Headset Standards

This article will discuss the various headset types and standards found on modern bikes. The headset of a bicycle allows the fork steering column and front wheel to rotate and turn. There are now several different systems in use on bicycles. The installation and service aspect vary according to the style.

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