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Tire and Tube Removal and Installation Video

This article will discuss the removal and installation of tires and tubes.

Road Positioning Chart

This article will describe the use of the Road Positioning Chart for competitive road bicycles. A similar article for MTB bikes is at MTB Bike Positioning.

CBP-3 Puller Repair

This article will review the replacement of the pulling caliper finger part #1193-2 on the CBP-3. Bearings and cranks that are seized in place may exceed the strength of the caliper and this may cause the caliper to fail.

Chain Replacement: Single Speed Bikes Video

This article will discuss replacing a chain on a single speed or two-sprocket bike. Sizing, installing and correct tension will be reviewed.

SPD Pedal Overhaul Video

This article with discuss the bearing service of the common Shimano® SPD type pedals.

Chain Tension for Tandem Front End

This article will discuss sizing the captain-to-stoker chain for tandems, called the "primary" chain. This is the chain that connects the front rings to the back rings. Setting chain tension will also be discussed.

1951-15 Adapter Stud Installation for PRS-15

The #1951-15 is a threaded stud that will allow the 100-25D to fit the PRS-15 repair stand. NOTE: The clamp will not fold downward as the original 100-15X clamp design.

The #1951-15 adapter stud works only in the PRS-15 with the three-pointed knob behind the clamp, as seen on the top tube in image #1. See note at end of article for models with a different top tube handle.

BMX Freestyle Detangler Adjustment

This article will discuss the "detangler" headset and brake system. The detangler is a linkage system used on BMX freestyle bikes that allow the front wheel and bars to rotate 360 degrees without the brake cables tangling or wrapping around the stem (See Figure 1).

Inner Tube Repair Video

This article will discuss the patching of bicycle inner tubes. Both pre-glued patches and the vulcanizing patches will be reviewed.

MTB Positioning Chart

This article will describe the use of the MTB Positioning Chart for competitive mountain bicycles. A similar article for road bikes is at Road Bike Positioning.

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