Crown Race Removal with the CRP-2 Crown Race Puller

This article reviews the use of the CRP-2 Crown Race Puller. The CRP-2 Crown Race Puller is designed to quickly and easily remove the headset crown race from the fork's crown race seat and steering column.


Getting Started

The CRP-2 uses three blades to contact and pull the race from the crown. The blade blocks are scribed with “witness marks” to help set the blades symmetrically to the steering column (figure 1).

CRP-2 003

Figure 1. Blades on CRP-2 and witness marks for positioning reference

CRP-2 006

Figure 2. Rotate blade blocks as needed to access crown races

The base also uses witness mark to help rotationally align the blade blocks (figure 2). The blocks may be rotated around the base to accommodate fork crowns that have odd or asymmetrical shapes (figure 3). For common forks with easy access to crown race, arrange blocks symmetrically around the base. Use care not to overtighten block set screws beyond 4Nm (35 inch pounds).

CRP-2 004

Figure 3. A concave fork crown can be serviced by repositioning the blade blocks to fit

CRP-2 002

Figure 4. Hold the CRP-2 using a repair stand for better sighting

When possible, hold the CRP-2 in a repair stand with one of the Park Tool clamps designed for larger tubing, such as 100-3D. Grab the CRP-2 body and rotate so the jaws face upward (figure 4). This permits better sighting of the blades as they are positioned on the crown race.


Using the CRP-2

  1. Install CRP-2 in repair stand and rotate with base and blades facing upward.
  2. Loosen plunger bolts on all three blades to allow the fork crown race to clear.
  3. Turn handle to lower pressing disk. Allow enough room inside tube for crown race to sit even with blades.
  4. Insert fork column and adjust height of pressing disk until blades are set lever to crown race (figure 5).
CRP-2 illust 002 12-18-12

Figure 5. Using handle, raise or lower the crown race so it is even with the blades

CRP-2 007

Figure 6. Snug plunger bolts evenly to place blades between race and crown

  1. Turn plunger bolts by hand so blades are contacting crown race-to-fork crown interface (figure 6). Turn bolts evenly so the three contact symmetrically. Use witness marks on blade blocks to set blade evenly.
  2. Turn handle so pressing disk rises and begins to press on top of the fork steering column (figure 7). Keeping an eye on the blade-to-race contact, continue turning handle to fully remove crown race. Stop and reset blades if crown race is pulling crooked or if a blade is slipping off crown race (figure 8).
CRP-2 008

Figure 7. Move pressing disk upward to pull race from crown

CRP-2 005

Figure 8. Stop and reset blades if crown pulls off unevenly

  1. Continue to push the pressing disk upward until the race loosens and comes off.
  2. Pull fork completely from CRP-2.
  3. Rotate CRP-2 in the stand and race will drop out of tool.

Figure 9. Remove block before removing and replacing blade

For certain fork and crown race combinations there is very little access for crown race removal. The designs of some forks do not account for service or removal of the race. Some cosmetic scarring of the fork crown may occur on these forks.

It can sometimes take significant pressure to pull the crown race. If the crown race seems stuck or especially difficult to remove, use mild heat such as from a hair dry to warm and expand the race.


Blade Replacement

The CRP-2 blades are necessarily thin to engage the crown race and will wear or become damaged with use. These are consumable parts and will need to be periodically replaced (part #1155-3, three required). Remove block from base and remove blade from block.