Crank Removal and Installation: Campagnolo® Ultra-Torque™

This article will review removal and installation of Campagnolo® Ultra-Torque™ cranks.


Getting Started

What Tools do I need?
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Ultra-Torque™ is a proprietary crankset system used by Campagnolo® and Fulcrum®. With this system, both the left and right crank arms are fitted with one-half of the spindle system, with teeth machined into each spindle end. While Ultra-Torque™ uses external bearing cups, the bearings are not integrated. Instead, the bearings are mounted onto the cranks.

There is a “wavy washer” in the left side cup. This washer is used to account for variations in frame shell widths and effectively acts as the “bearing adjustment.”

Bearing service for the Ultra-Torque™ system requires special tooling. For instructions, see our repair help article on Ultra-Torque™ Bearing Service.


Crank Removal

  1. Using needle nose pliers, remove the bearing-retaining clip from the right side bearing adapter.
  2. Use a long 10mm hex wrench to loosen and remove the crank bolt from the center of the spindle. NOTE: The crank bolt is a normal right hand thread for steel spindle cranks and remove counter-clockwise. For titanium spindles, the bolt is a left-hand thread, and remove clockwise. 
  3. Pull each arm from the bottom bracket.
  4. Remove the wavy washer from left bearing adapter.

Crank Installation

  1. Install wave washer into left bearing adapter or place wavy washer on left arm.
  2. Install right arm through right adapter. Align left arm opposite of right arm and install through left bearing adapter.
  3. Apply grease or anti-seize to threads of crank bolt and install through right side axle center. Use a 10mm hex bit on an extension.
  4. Secure bolt fully to recommended torque of 372 inch-pounds.
  5. Install bearing retaining clip to right adapter.