Bottom Bracket Service: BB30 Adaptors

The BB30 shell will accept adaptors to permit the installation of non-BB30 cranksets. This article covers service of BB30 adaptors for Campagnolo®, Shimano®, SRAM®, and more.


Campagnolo® and Fulcrum® Adaptors

What do I need to know how to do?
What Tools do I need?

Begin by removing the C-clips from either side of the shell (Figure 1).

Campagnolo® offers adaptors for both Ulta-Torque™ and Power Torque™ systems. The installation process is the same for either one. It is best to press one cup at a time using a headset press (Figure 2).

BB30 clip-out

Figure 1. Remove C-clips

BB30 campy-leftonly

Figure 2. Pressing left side cup only

Proceed to fully press the second cup (Figure 3). If either cup appears to have a loose fit, use retaining compound such as Loctite® RC680.

BB30 campy-right-only

Figure 3. Pressing second cup

Removal of the Campagnolo® adaptor cups can be involved. Remove crankset. Use a screwdriver and/or needle nose pliers to remove both internal seals. Use the Park Tool RT-1 head cup remover to drive out one cup. Reverse the tool and drive out the second cup.


24 mm Spindle Crankset Adaptors

The external crankset cranks that use the smaller 24 mm spindle can be installed into the BB30 shell. The BB30 bearings and C-clips are left in place (Figure 4). Simple spacers are used against the bearings to effectively widen the shell and reduce the diameter.

These spacers are available for the Shimano, FSA and Race Face cranksets. A different spacer with different inside diameter for the spindle are available for the SRAM GXP cranksets. Simply install adaptors into the bearings of the BB30 shell (Figures 4 and 5). Adaptors spin against bearing inside shell.

BB30 adaptor1

Figure 4. Adaptors insert into bearing

BB30 adaptor2

Figure 5. Install both adaptors

The adaptors widen the effective shell width to equal the required width for the cranksets. Install crank spindle through adaptors (Figure 6).

BB30 adaptor3

Figure 6. Install spindle through adaptors

Install second arm and adjust as normal according the recommendations of the brand and model (Figure 7).

BB30 adaptor4

Figure 7. Install arm; adjust bearings and tighten arm fully as per manufacturer recommendation