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A collection of mechanical musings, advice, news, and other interesting things from Park Tool.

  • The Park Tool 50th Anniversary Party

    Park Tool recently invited 300 of our closest friends to join in the celebration of our 50th anniversary. The party, which was held in our factory, also served as the official grand opening of our brand new headquarters.

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  • The Work Horses of Park Tool

    The new Park Tool factory is big. So big it feels like it takes forever to walk from one end to the other. Just the factory is 200 x 300 feet. You have to walk down aisles of production, packaging, welding, then shipping before you get where you want to go. So with a huge new building, what better excuse is needed to grab a bike? We have a fleet here of 9 rides for your factory cruising pleasure. Each steed is a bit different in what they offer. This article will review of The Wheels of the Park Tool Factory.

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  • Park Tool Outlines Sponsored Teams for 2013

    Park Tool continues their long history of involvement with the world’s top professional cycling teams, announcing their list of sponsored teams for 2013.

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  • 2013 Cyclocross National Champions

    "This year's USA National Cyclocross Championship promises to be epic!!"—Anonymous Elite Racer.

    That might be one way of putting it, because what we are going to be talking about here is a bike race with people wearing spandex, in Madison, Wisconsin, in the middle of January!

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  • Free Bikes 4 Kids, a Minnesota program

    Free Bikes 4 Kids is a non-profit organization based in the Twin Cites area of Minnesota.

    The concept of Free Bikes For Kids is to provide a bike (and a helmet) to a kid who would otherwise not get a bike. Bikes are donated at drop off locations, and what a collection of bikes they are! What are often called "department store" or "big box" bikes, serious BMX bikes, hybrids of well recognized brand names, the occasional Campagnolo® Record® group with requisite Reynolds® 531 frame; all have been seen.

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  • Park Tool to Build New Factory

    The Park Tool Company broke ground on a new international headquarters on August 21st. The new site is just over a mile from their current location in Oakdale, a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. Move in is expected in January 2013.

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  • MN High School Cycling League Welcomes Park Tool Co. as New Sponsor

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  • Basic Use of Tools

    A sound working knowledge of tool use is the basis of being a mechanic. Developing good working habits will result in better, more consistent repairs, and in longer lasting tools. This article provides a short review of the proper use of some basic tools.

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  • Repairing On-The-Ride

    This article will review repairs we can do while we are out and about on a bike. There are, of course, many possible issues and problems that can and do occasionally occur when we are riding. Here, we will consider the what to bring, the pre-ride inspection and six broad categories: Flat Tires, Wheel Issues, Drive Train, Braking Systems, Stems/Posts/Bars, and Frames/Forks.

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    Congratulations to Ryder Hesjedal of Team Garmin Barracuda on his victory in the Giro d' Italia.

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