Park Tool Hosts Tours For 250

During the recent Park Tool Tech Summit in Minneapolis, we bussed about 250 people to our headquarters in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota for a factory tour. We broke into groups of 25 and had staff members lead the 30-minute tours.

Members of our factory staff demonstrated some of the processes used to make the world’s number one brand of bicycle tools.

The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive as bike mechanics from all over the country got to see first hand how the Park Tool factory operates.

Nick Legan of Velo News capped off the evening with a presentation on the role of the professional mechanic in today’s cycling culture. There was a snowstorm, a factory tour and there was pizza and beer. It was a great night.


Park Tool Engineer Jon Rosemier shows off a TNS-1 Threadless Nut Setter fresh off the CNC lathe.


Bike mechanics from all over the country got a first hand look at the inside of our factory where we still make over 80% of our product line


Park Tool employees Carole and Sara card FR-6 freewheel removers on one of our blister packaging machines.


Our laser etching machine and CNC machining center


Dan Garecau tells the story of the first prototype of a Park Tool repair stand


John Krawczyk leads a tour through our shipping and receiving department


Visitors inspect our new CNC lathe


Mark Cunningham draws a crowd as he demonstrates and explains TS-2.2 Truing Stand calibration