Immediate Stop Use and Inspect Notice for Park Tool Crank Pullers

Park Tool has issued a Stop Use and Inspect Notice for their CCP-22, CCP-44 and CWP-7 crank pullers due to an out-of-spec nut that is shared between the three tools. This out-of-spec threading may cause damage to bicycle cranks during removal. Some, but not all, tools sold between October 2021 and April 2022 may be affected.

PART NUMBERS AFFECTED: Park Tool CCP-22, CCP-44 and CWP-7 Crank Pullers.

MANUFACTURED DATE: Some, but not all, tools purchased between October 2021 and April 2022 may be affected.

INSPECTION OF TOOL: To see if your tool is affected, locate the nut on each of the tools per the images below and inspect the threading.

Crank Puller with 1206 Highlighted

Bad threads will have a flat peak, and the improper thread peaks will extend almost halfway down the threading of the nut. The non-affected tools have sharper and consistent thread peaks throughout the length of the nut, as shown in the picture.

Two threaded nuts used on Park Tool crank pullers. The left nut is defective, while the right nut is not.
1206 Comparison Detail2

Park Tool will replace the nuts with bad threads at no cost.


If you have inspected your puller, and have determined you need a replacement nut:

CUSTOMERS IN THE UNITED STATES: Visit, and follow the instructions.

CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES: Please contact your point of purchase for resolution.

DISTRIBUTOR PARTNERS: Please forward this notice to any of your customers who purchased the affected products from you.