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How to build a bike-part 1 of 12


This video is the first in a series that will review the process of how to build a bike from frame and component parts to the complete machine. The sample equipment may or may not be applicable to your particular situation and your particular bike. Part 1 gives an introduction to the process and will review frame and fork machining. 1. Introduction, headtube facing, fork crown facing http://youtu.be/K2QvjC6k17A 2. Installation of bottom bracket, crankset and pedals http://youtu.be/7OWmC8NYXI4 3. Installation of headset, fork length sizing and fork column cutting http://youtu.be/lRL0WsGDMhc 4. Cockpit assembly (stem, bars, levers) and fork installation into headtube http://youtu.be/Xc6ZR55Hojw 5. Installation of cassette cog. Installation of tubeless tires on wheels and converting to tubeless http://youtu.be/q9W1CJN-WRY 6. Derailleur hanger alignment http://youtu.be/ZjcmnV1MVxk 7. Derailleur installation and cable housing routing http://youtu.be/TPhsSTR5ybw 8. Chain length sizing and installation http://youtu.be/D8nk50i8J6k 9. Adjusting the rear derailleurs http://youtu.be/NjBNTGocP38 10. Front derailleur adjustments http://youtu.be/P2BKIetBU9o 11. Hydraulic brake adjustment http://youtu.be/0tt0BeZK4E0 12. Finishing the build, fine tuning adjustments and rotor burn in http://youtu.be/SZOJZA9ybag

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