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Item # 106

Work Tray

A great repair stand accessory built to keep tools, lubes and spare parts close at hand.

  • Two deep-walled compartments
  • Integrated tab system holds plastic market bag for trash
  • Universal tool/towel bar
  • Lube holder
  • Receiver pods to accept PTH-1 Paper Towel Holder (available separately).

Fits directly onto all PCS-10, PCS-11, PRS-15 and PRS-25 Repair Stands.  Also fits 2012 and newer PRS-20 and PRS-21 Repair Stands.

Used with the 1707.2 Collar (available separately), the #106 Tray fits 41mm (1-5/8”) upright tubes on 2011 and older PRS-20 and PRS-21 Repair Stands and 1996 and newer PCS-1, PCS-4, PCS-4-1, PCS-4-2 Repair Stands.

Used with the #106-AC Accessory Collar (available separately) the #106 Tray fits 35mm-37mm (1-3/8”) upright tubes on PCS-9 Repair Stands, as well as 2003 and newer PCS-1, PCS-4, PCS-4-1, PCS-4-2 Repair Stands.

Buy online or find a local retailer (North America only). International Distributors.

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