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Item # 106-AC

Accessory Collar for 106 Work Tray

Easily adapts the PCS-9, and post-2003 models of PCS-1 and PCS-4, to accept the #106 Work Tray or PTH-1 Paper Towel Holder.  The 106-AC fits the 1-3/8" tubing used on the PCS-9, and on the height extensions uses on the post-2003 models of the PCS-1 and PCS-4 (35 to 37mm OD).

NOTE: The 106-AC will not fit the 1-5/8" tubing of the lower weldment of these stands.

The PCS-10, PRS-15, PRS-25, PCS-11 all have a built in fitting that do not require the 106-AC. These stands will accpet the 106 tray directly.

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ITEM # 106

Work Tray



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