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Item # PDR-4.2

Park Display Rack

A great, easy way to give your customers the tools they need. Over 4000 shops around the world rely on Park Tool displays to help sell tools while using minimal floor space. The PDR-4.2 is a strong, permanent display that holds and sells 58 of our most popular tools. Updated for 2015 with new tools, components and graphics the PDR-4.2 is now, more than ever the best way to give your customers access to the tools they need to do hundreds of repair and maintenance tasks.  Assembly required.

Measurements: Triangular base is 32-inches (81.28 cm) in width, and the unit stands 70-inches (1.778 m) tall

Note: Maple base available in the U.S. and Canada only.  Export versions utilize a steel base, powder-coated black.

Available from Distributor Only.

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