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Hex Wrenches

Image Item # Part Name Description
Image Item # Part Name Description
Low Profile I-Beam Mini Tool The slimmer, lighter, more compact version of the popular IB-2 I-Beam Mini Tool.  2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm forged hex wrenches, T25 Torx® compatible star-shaped driver, and a flat bla...
Multi-Tool The MT-1 is a high quality multi-tool that is uncomplicated, easy to use, and effective. Each of the nine tools is carefully positioned so the MT-1 can be effectively used on those “t...
Socket and Bit Set The SBS-1 is a shop quality set of sockets, hex bits and Torx® style bits for the bike mechanic. Ideal for use with Park Tool Torque Wrenches, the SBS-1’s 3/8” drive bits and soc...
Y Wrench Belt Holster Your favorite tool always by your side, ready for action. The YBH-1 has a perfectly formed pocket so your trusty Y wrench is always handy without getting in the way. Clips right on your waistban...