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Building Progress

(Ground Breaking 8-21-12)

(Grading 9-4-12)

(Digging, forming and pouring footings 9-7-12)

(Forming and pouring loading dock lower walls 9-13-12)

(Back side of building loading docks 9-25-12)

(The first wall panels being set in place 10-15-12)

(The building is starting to take shape. Wall panels going up and the structure for the office is being built 10-18-12)

(The roof is going on! 10-30-12)

(Getting ready to pour the concrete floors. The walls are up and the roof is on. 11-16-12)

(Pouring and finishing the warehouse floor. 11-29-12)

(Office walls taking shape. 11-29-12)

(Just about finished painting the ceiling in the warehouse. 12-20-12)

(Moving week has begun! 1-15-13)

(In our new home! Lots of bugs to work out, but we're up and running. 2-6-13)