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External Bearing Crank Systems (Hollowtech II, MegaExo, Giga X Pipe, X-type, Campagnolo Ultra-Torque)

This article will discuss service of external bearing cranks systems.

Self Extracting or One-Key Release Systems

This article will discuss the removal of self-extracting or one-key release crank systems.

Shift Levers (shifters)

This article will discuss the shift wire (cable) installation. See also related article discussing housing length.

Internal Gear Hubs

This article will discuss the adjustment of internal geared hubs. These include SRAM® Dual Drive hubs, and Shimano® 3-speed hubs. Consult the manufacturer for further information. Internal overhaul and service is not covered.

Rear Derailleur Overhaul

This article will discuss the overhaul of rear derailleurs.