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Replacement Clamp Covers

This article will review replacement jaw clamp covers. There are several clamp covers available depending upon the model and generation of your stand.

PCS-10 Assembly

This article will discuss the assembly and use of the PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand.

100-4X, 100-15X & 100-6X, and PRS-15 Service

This article will discuss the service of the 100-4X and 100-15X Extreme Range Clamps.

1951-15 adapter stud

The #1951-15 is a threaded stud that will allow the 100-25D to fit the PRS-15 repair stand. NOTE: The clamp will not fold downward as the original 100-15X clamp design. The #1951-15 adapter stud works only is the PRS-15 has the three-pointed knob behind the clamp, as seen on the ...