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Inner Tube Repair

This article will discuss the patching of bicycle inner tubes. Both the pre-glued patches and the vulcanizing patches will be reviewed.

Frame Alignment

This article will discuss frame alignment and the use of the Frame Alignment Gauge FAG-2.

Tight Link Repair

This article will discuss loosening a tight link on a derailleur chain.

Seized Seatposts and Stems

This article will review the removal of seized seat posts and stems

Freewheel- destructive removal

This article will discuss removing freewheels that have no removal tool option. This will be useful if the wheel is to be re-used, but it will effectively destroy the freewheel.

Tubeless Tire Mounting and Repair

This article will discuss tubeless tires.

Crank Removal of Stripped Extractor Threads

If the removal threads for the crankarm puller in the crankarm are damaged, there is a possible repair. You will need a Bicycle Research TC-8, which is a fluted bolt that cleans the threads. It comes with a pivoting stud to align the tool concentric to the threads.

Removal of Cranks with Damaged Threads (square type only)

This article will discuss how to remove square type cranks with damaged threads.

Trouble Shooting a Creaky or Noisy Drive Train

This article will discuss trouble shooting noisy drive trains. Creaking and squeaking noises are annoying, and can be a sign of more serious problems. Damage to component parts may result if they are left unattended.